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Chicago Taxi Worker Program

Chicago Taxi Worker Program

Taxi Worker Organizing Project

The Taxi Worker Organizing Project advocates for greater rights and compensation for low-wage, lease taxi workers in the greater Chicago area.

As independent contractors, lease drivers lack protections associated with employment and are not eligible for union representation. In Chicago, drivers work 80 hours per week on average, earn less than minimum wage, and the vast majority are people of color and low-income. Over 80 percent are immigrants and refugees.

Driving a taxi is among the most dangerous jobs in the country, and one in five Chicago drivers has been physically attacked while on the job.

With the United Taxi Drivers Community Council, AFSC serves more than 6,000 cabdrivers. The long-term vision is to develop a vibrant, driver-led organization to protect their rights, including securing a living wage and violence-free workplace.

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