Cambridge Material Assistance Program

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Clothing supplied by MAP.

Clothing items supplied by MAP.

The American Friends Service Committee Material Assistance Program (MAP) was started in 1944; over the last 70 years our goal has been “to see what love can do” through material assistance, resource information and caring support to individuals in need. MAP aims to provide our services in a manner that allows individuals to retain their sense of dignity and self-respect.  

MAP acts as a one stop resource for those in need in the Greater Cambridge Area, alleviating immediate suffering and providing critical information to help clients meet their needs.  MAP provides donated clothing, small household items such as linens and cookware, and hygiene kits, to individuals and families who could not otherwise afford these necessities. Volunteers sort donations to ensure that we only provide recipients with items in excellent condition. On any given Tuesday or Thursday our tiny basement “store” is bustling with recipients “shopping” alongside each other, sharing resources and opinions, chatting as they go, allowing for moments of normalcy in their sometimes chaotic lives. 

To find out how MAP can help you or someone you know, click here.  

MAP depends on a dedicated group of talented and unique volunteers. Volunteers include folks who want to lend a helping hand to better their community and students from the Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School “School to Work” Program. Our largest group of volunteers consists of current and former recipients who wish to give back to the program that has helped them. To find out how you can help MAP, click here. 

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