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Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia, PA

Friends Center entrance

AFSC's central office is at Friends Center in Philadelphia

Photo: AFSC / Terry Foss

AFSC’s Philadelphia office serves as our organizational headquarters and main administrative hub.  Staff in Philadelphia provide financial and administrative support, leadership, and coordination for AFSC’s worldwide programs.

The address for all units in Philadelphia is 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102


General Secretary’s Office

Shan Cretin, General Secretary
Hector Cortez, Deputy General Secretary 

The General Secretary’s Office provides general leadership for the entire AFSC, as well as staff support to the Corporation, and the Board of Directors.   The General Secretary's office also manages AFSC's diversity and inclusion efforts and security management.

Office Contact: 215-241-7104

Communications Department

Mark Graham, Director

Office contact: 215-241-7882

Development Department

Thomas Moore, Director

Office contact: 888-588-AFSC (2372)

Finance Department

Lee O’Neill, Chief Financial Officer

Office contact: 215-241-7010

Human Resources Department

Willa Streater, Director

Office contact: 215-241-7297
Fax: 215-241-7248

Information Technology Department

Stephen Rockwell, Chief Information Technology Officer

Office contact: 215-241-7850
Helpdesk: 215-241-7850

Program Leadership

Laura Boyce, Associate General Secretary for U.S. Programs

Office contact: 215-241-7037

Kerri Kennedy, Associate General Secretary for International Programs

Office contact:  215-241-7151