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Syria Peace Project

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The ongoing civil war in Syria is causing death to thousands and displacement to millions. In response, AFSC is supporting a network of Syrians who, in their words, “believe in nonviolence as a means of achieving freedom, equality, dignity, and mutual coexistence to be one community of citizens in all its sects and identities.”

AFSC deliberately chose to support this network because of its work to preserve the social values necessary to a society in which, in the future, all Syrians can co-exist safely and peacefully.

The network includes people who oppose the regime and those who support it. So far it has reached out to communities who are Sunni Muslim, Alawite, Druze, Ismaili, and Christian, as well as people who identify themselves as secularist.

The project combines local civic engagement with the possibility of advocacy strategies emerging at a national level. There is no age restriction, and the network has members from age 20 to 70.

Already, local initiatives have been supported in two communities. AFSC is due to support the extension of the network to the Kurdish areas of Syria on the Turkish border.

Read more about the network’s local initiatives.

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