Pittsburgh, PA

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Pennsylvania Program, Empowering Voices for Peace

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AFSC's Pennsylvania Empowering Voices for Peace and Justice Program seeks to bring people of divergent views together to build a peaceful and just world.

Current initiatives include:

  • Racial Justice Through Human Rights a project of youth empowerment.
  • Networking with partners locally and nationally to educate the public about the use of torture by the US government and prolonged solitary confinement in our prisons.
  • Raising awareness about the human and economic cost of war and militarization through exhibits, dramatic readings and information sharing.

Take Action

  • Below are instructions for writing to prisoners at Guantanamo and a list of names of the prisoners. Have you ever doubted the power of a letter? If so, read this note...

Resources for download

  • Alternatives to Military Service
  • What's Next?
  • Middle Atlantic Region Staff Directory
  • Find a Job - Start a Career

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