Dayton, OH

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Dayton Refugee Justice Program

african diaspora

<p>African Diaspora Dialogue: Community Building &amp; Integration.</p>

African Diaspora Dialogue: Community Building & Integration.

AFSC’s Dayton Refugee Justice Program creates awareness of African Refugee Community issues in Southwest Ohio, empower the community to advocate for just refugee policies that would guarantee access to basic human needs, enhances  civic participation, recognizes refugee contributions, and lifts up their voices, hopes, and dreams for a peaceful world.

African Refugees have come to the United States to escape political and religious persecutions, to protect their children from armed conflicts, to seek gainful employment, to pursue higher education, and to reunite with family members who are already settled here. The African refugees bring many gifts and talents to share for the common good. They are hardworking and law-abiding, determined to rebuild their lives and communities and undertake their civic responsibilities in this country.

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