One thing will be clear when Congress convenes on Tuesday: A compromise on the 2013 federal budget must be reached to avoid blanket cuts to everything from domestic programs to military spending.

Funding for the social safety net, health care, and education must not be sacrificed in favor of the military; the United States already accounts for a staggering 43 percent of the world’s total military spending—nearly five times more than China and Russia combined.

We know that true security is human security. The American Friends Service Committee will deliver this compelling message throughout the coming negotiations.

Help us by keeping pressure on your government representatives: Ask them to compromise in a way that benefits everyone, not just military contractors or the wealthiest Americans.

Three things you can do now

As the dust settles from an exhausting election, it is a tense time in the nation’s capital. Let’s make sure that returning, retiring, and new representatives alike know their constituents want peace, starting with a budget that puts people first.

In peace,

Shan Cretin

P.S. Our upcoming program update call will feature AFSC’s Aura Kanegis and Bridget Moix, formerly of Friends Committee on National Legislation, discussing a joint AFSC-FCNL initiative to offer a Quaker alternative vision for U.S. foreign policy along with steps Friends can take to help make that vision a reality. Learn more.