Dear Friend,

It's time to give thanks. Yesterday, the congressional Super Committee actually gave us another reason to be thankful when it announced that the members were unable to agree on a plan to make $1.2 trillion in deficit reductions over the next 10 years.

This is a testament to the grassroots voices – including yours – from around the country that made it clear that any deal should reflect the priorities and values of “the 99%.”  In this case, no deal was definitely better than a bad deal.

AFSC supporters and partners have been pressuring Congress to come up with a budget that cuts military spending, protects vital human needs, invests in job creation, and raises taxes on the wealthy and corporations. That includes ending the wars.

The debate about budget priorities will continue in Congress in the coming months and will probably extend right up to the 2012 elections. AFSC will continue developing action opportunities and tools to help you support changes in federal budget priorities. We urge you to help stave off automatic, across-the-board cuts – slated to begin in 2013, as a consequence of the Super Committee’s stalemate – that threaten many programs serving human needs, including housing, home heating, and some health care spending.

These cuts would reduce current spending on non-defense and security spending programs by 13 percent every year for ten years, and will threaten many important programs serving millions of families. It would also cut $55 billion, or around 10 percent, from annual “security spending.”  We expect defenders of Pentagon excess and those who favor deeper cuts in the social safety net to try to change the terms of the deal.  So, the pressure is now on to keep our message strong as Congress enters the 2013 budget process. 

To learn more about how you can get involved join AFSC’s Jessica Roach on Tuesday, November 29, 2011, at noon EST, for a webinar she is coordinating in partnership with the Interreligious Working Group on Domestic Human Needs. The webinar will feature analysis and action steps for post-super committee advocacy. 

AFSC continues to develop action opportunities and tools for you to help change federal budget priorities. Rigth now you can get involved by using and sharing our Move the Money Toolkit, and supporting youth who may be interested in our If I Had A Trillion Dollars Youth Video Festival

Thank you for helping wage peace,
Mary Zerkel and Peter Lems