Economic activism

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In order to challenge the economic systems that sustain and profit from occupation and violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, AFSC supports economic activism including the use of nonviolent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) tactics. Specifically, AFSC supports boycott and divestment campaigns targeting companies that support the occupation, settlements, militarism, or any other violations of international humanitarian or human rights law.

Our position does not call for a full boycott of Israel nor of companies because they are either Israeli or doing business in Israel. Our actions also never focus on individuals.

Our support of specific boycott and divestment campaigns is contextualized by Quakers and AFSC's long support for boycotts, divestment, and sanctions as economic tactics that appeal to human conscience and change behavior. Since 1948, AFSC has worked with both Palestinians and Israelis toward achieving a just and lasting peace, and we remain committed to supporting nonviolent activism designed to achieve this end. Taking into account AFSC principles and history, AFSC supports all nonviolent efforts to realize peace and justice in Israel and Palestine. 

For more information, contact Dalit Baum, director of AFSC's Economic Activism program:, 415-565-0201, 65 Ninth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. 

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Investigate Your Investments-

Our investment screening database will help students, investors, and others concerned about human rights in Palestine/Israel to find out where their investments are going, and how they can craft campaigns for change.

HP Boycott-

The HP Boycott is led by a coalition of organizations and groups who have come together to challenge HP's complicity in human rights violations in Palestine and to ask the company to withdraw from such contracts and stop profiting from the Israeli occupation.

Learn more.


Boycott SodaStream-

Started by an interfaith group of people of conscience, the SodaStream Boycott Campaign calls on all consumers and stores to stop buying and selling SodaStream products, which are manufactured within an illegal Israeli settlement in occupied Palestinian territory.

TIAA-CREF Campaign-

TIAA-CREF, one of the world’s largest retirement funds and a self-described “leader in socially responsible investing,” invests nearly $600 million in corporations that profit from the Israeli military occupation. Some of these corporations include Caterpillar, Motorola Solutions, Veolia, Northrup Grumman, Elbit, and Hewlett-Packard. The “We Divest” campaign demands that TIAA-CREF stop investing in these corporations. 

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