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iraq and syria border

The use of force cannot resolve conflict, address humanitarian needs, or eliminate a violent movement. The U.S. should instead use all diplomatic tools at our disposal in Iraq and Syria.

WV economic recovery report cover

West Virginia’s recovery from the recession has been assisted by strong growth in the state’s natural gas and oil industries and by Medicaid expansion. Still, wages are stagnant, unemployment remains elevated, and the state has fewer good-paying jobs than before.

Oakland mural unveiling
Young people scramble up and down platforms and ladders, wielding paintbrushes and swapping jokes...

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Tell Congress to oppose U.S. military action in Iraq, Syria

Viable alternatives to violence exist. Sustained and transparent support for badly needed economic, political, and social changes are a start—and first we need to address the root causes of violence.

Ask Congress to protect the rights of immigrant children, not send them away

Call on Congress to preserve the protections in the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) when allocating emergency funding for unaccompanied immigrant youth.

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