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Acting in Faith

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Acting in Faith

Glenn E. Martin at Pendle Hill
By: Glenn E. Martin
Published: July 18, 2015

Glenn E. Martin presented at the recent conference on Ending Mass Incarceration & the New Jim Crow at Pendle Hill. Glenn is formerly incarcerated and runs an organization JustLeadershipUSA, whose mission is to reduce the rate of incarceration by half by 2030 drawing on the leadership of people formerly and currently...

Another Quaker working to end mass incarceration
By: Lucy Duncan
Published: July 12, 2015

AFSC has been collaborating with QuakerSpeak, a project of Friends Journal, on several videos about issues on which AFSC works and how Quakers can support change. The second video in the series of three reflects on "How Quakers can help end mass incarceration" and features AFSC staff members Laura Magnani, Farajii Mohammed, and Lewis Webb. The video includes a link to...

Black & Brown liberation frees us all
By: Lucy Duncan
Published: July 2, 2015

“I don’t believe slavery ended in 1865, I believe it just evolved.” – Bryan Stevenson

I've been having a couple of weeks of mixed emotions. When I heard the Supreme Court had finally decided that gay and lesbian couples can marry, my heart leapt with joy. It's personal for me. Though I'm married to a man, I'm bisexual, and it means a lot to me that if I had a lifelong partner who was a woman, I could have married her. Now my son can marry whomever he loves. 

Bonnie Kerness at MCC vigil
By: Bonnie Kerness
Published: June 23, 2015

Bonnie Kerness presented this talk at a vigil at the Metropolitan Correctional Center on May 4th, 2015 in New York City. - Lucy

In the mid 80’s I received a letter from Ojore Lutalo who had just been placed in the Management Control Unit at Trenton State Prison. He asked what a control unit was, why he was in there, and how long he would have to stay. We knew little of control units, except for the 1983 lockdown of the Marion Federal prison and what we learned from the many prisoners who reached out to the AFSC to mentor those of us trying to give voice to what was and is...

Walnut Street Jail in Philadelphia
By: Laura Magnani
Published: June 11, 2015

Much of the conference on ending mass incarceration at Pendle Hill was focused on listening and learning about the issues, but also considering effective strategy: how to build campaigns, how to center the leadership of those formerly or currently incarcerated and their families in movements, how to do this work in a way that can have the most impact. Before we sat in reflection groups to consider action planning...