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Acting in Faith

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Acting in Faith

Cloud atlas
By: Lucy Duncan
Published: November 20, 2015

later that night
i held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered

-Warsan Shire


  • 128 or more killed in attacks in Paris in November
  • 43 killed in suicide bombing in Beirut, Lebanon in November
  • 7 killed in recent grenade attacks in Burundi as violence there escalates
  • 47 killed in Kano & Yola,...
By: Aura Kanegis
Published: November 18, 2015

Reflections from the AFSC Director of our Office of Public Policy and Advocacy on the recent ISIS attacks on Paris. - Lucy

Important perspectives on the violence in Paris last week have been articulated by many in recent days, highlighting human impacts across the globe out of the headlines, the 1.3 million people killed by the U.S.-led “war on terror” to date, the irony and cruelty of blaming Syrian refugees or Muslims globally for these acts, and the reality that white Americans are the greatest “terror” threat in the U.S. by far.

But there are feelings that are...

PxP NOLA 2015 Peace Parade
By: Genevieve Beck-Roe
Published: November 12, 2015

Tabitha Mustafa joined AFSC’s Peace by Piece (PxP) program in New Orleans in June 2015. Tabitha graduated from Tulane University in May 2014 with a degree in Spanish and Latin American Studies. Tabitha has brought a wide range of organizing skills and talents to her position at PxP. I met Tabitha when she visited AFSC’s central office for a staff delegation on militarism and interviewed her the next week. The following is edited excerpts of our conversation. - Genevieve Beck-Roe

Genevieve Beck-Roe (GBR): How did you find out about the work...

Young Palestinian asked to stand on the side for ID check and body search in front of Damascus Gate, Old City of Jerusalem
By: Ilona Kassissieh
Published: November 11, 2015

I asked several staff members to write reflections on what it's like to live in Jerusalem right now. Ilona offered this reflection to add to those of her co-workers Sahar Vardi, Saida Khader, and Mati Gomis-Perez. - Lucy

Our sugar container at home breaks. I decide to purchase a new one. I go to the store in Jerusalem during my office break. I see a good pair of scissors on display...

Destruction of Shuja'iyya
By: Mike Merryman-Lotze
Published: November 6, 2015

There was a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed mis-characterizing AFSC's position regarding boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) in the Palestine-Israel context. This piece provides a bit of history and perspective on AFSC's position. For more information, please take a look at AFSC's principles for a just and lasting peace in Palestine Israel and the links...