AFSC's Meeting and Church Liaison Program works with Quaker meetings/churches to engage in AFSC's work.  By providing resources for Friends meetings and churches on various social justice issues, the program seeks to build a movement of Friends working for peace.

There are two models, outlined below, that you and your congregation can use to get involved:

Model 1

Regularly connect your congregation to the work of AFSC 

More resources below:

Connect spirit to social witness

AFSC's Introduction to the Quaker Testimonies with study advice

Testimonies Booklet Cover

An Introduction to the Quaker Testimonies is a booklet which describes the basic concepts of each Quaker testimony, and how AFSC strives to practice that testimony in its work.  The booklet is set up in the format of advices and queries, with thoughts about living out each testimony, followed by quotations for reflection and queries for response.  The below study guide is intended to provide Quaker meetings with ways to interact with the material in Adult Religious Education settings, or with high school Friends.

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Create a new vision

Invite Quaker Youth to think about military spending

IHDT Winners Lobby Washington

Festival winners lobbying
in Washington D.C.

Around the country, AFSC is asking youth to answer the question "What would YOU do with one trillion dollars?" through short films to be featured in an annual youth film festival. Through an interactive curriculum on the issue and various resources for helping create short videos, you can bring the voices of the children in your First Day School into the nation's budget debate. Submissions due January 11, 2014!

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Model 2

Identify and explore one issue that resonates with your community.

Example for Healing Justice focus:

Issue focus areas:

Healing justice: Transform our broken system

Munirah El-Bomani - Survivor of Solitary Confinement

Munirah El-Bomani-Survivor of solitary confinement

AFSC invites Quaker congregations everywhere to join in the effort to help transform the U.S. criminal justice system from one focused on crime and punishment to one focused on moving from harm to healing.  Quaker meetings and churches are encouraged to learn more about issues of mass incarceration, engage their local communities in the issue, establish relationships with those directly affected, and advocate for just policy.

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Israel and Palestine: Bring about lasting peace


Participants in a TIAA-CREF Divestment Workshop

Participants in a TIAA-CREF Divestment Workshop

Participants in a TIAA-CREF Divestment Workshop

Quaker churches and meetings can help support the end of human rights abuses in Israel and Palestine by considering the issue as a meeting and getting involved in the recent campaigns using economic activism.

Immigrants' rights: Be an ally for humane reform


Jordan Garcia - How to be an Effective Ally

Jordan Garcia - How to Be an Effective Ally

Jordan Garcia - How to Be an Effective Ally

AFSC is asking meetings/churches to partner with us on supporting immigrants with ally work. By respectfully supporting immigrant led efforts for humane and just reform, we can create a society that welcomes and accepts its neighbors.

Combat Islamophobia: Foster religious tolerance


Dialogue at Muslims in America event

Dialogue at Muslims in America event

Dialogue at Muslims in America event

AFSC invites congregations of all faiths to help us create more religiously hospitable communities. Put on a film screening and use these resources to support dialogue, bridge-building, and cultural exchange in communities that receive immigrants from Muslim-majority countries.

These resources are designed to be coordinated by adults, but the programs can include participants of any age. As some topics are more complex than some children are prepared to handle, please speak clearly with your community about the program and what's involved before beginning.

If there are areas of AFSC's work you do not see represented here or if your meeting or church would like to participate, please contact Lucy Duncan and she can discuss options with you.

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