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Veterans of hope - anne braden film

Veterans of hope - anne braden film

Monday, October 11, 2010 - 11:00pm

The Life of Racial Justice Leader Anne Braden
In "Organizing the Other America," Anne Braden, shares her insight
and life stories about her childhood, coming to consciousness about racism,
and her lifelong work for racial justice and understanding.

Anne Braden's work for racial justice spans more than five decades and crosses paths
with both the legendary and the unsung heroes of the southern freedom movement.
Born in l924, Anne is activist, educator and author of "The Wall Between," which tells the story of how she and her husband, Carl, shared a dangerous and courageous decision with an African American couple, Andrew and Charlotte Wade.  The Wades, who were friends of the Bradens, needed adequate housing for their growing family, and were ready to challenge Louisville Kentucky's segregated housing practices.  In 1954, Anne and Carl purchased a house in a segregated white community and immediately resold it to the Wades, bringing down the wrath of local white supremacists who used legal and extralegal weapons to threaten both couples.  They were all considered "traitors"and Carl Braden was later imprisoned for "sedition" against the state.

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