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Uprisings and Elections: A Global Movement for Democracy and Justice?

Uprisings and Elections: A Global Movement for Democracy and Justice?

Sunday, March 6, 2011 - 8:00pm

What are the implications of the uprisings in North Africa and the Middle East? How do the protests in Madison against the draconian bill to eliminate public sector unions relate to other struggles for democratic rights? How has the global economic crisis shaped popular discontent and inspired new visions of democracy and justice? How can electoral politics be a site of resistance and what is the significance of the recent mayoral election in Chicago?

JOIN US for a discussion of these questions and more as we consider this political moment globally and locally. Guest Speakers include: AMISHA PATEL, Executive Director of the Grassroots Collaborative and convener of New Chicago 2011; SALIM MUWAKKIL, columnist for In These Times and a radio host for WVON; ATEF SAID, an Egyptian human rights lawyer and trade unionist; LENA TAYLOR, a State Senator from Wisconsin and one of the "Wisconsin 14"; and ADAM GREEN, a historian at the University of Chicago and ARC activist.

ARC will present our vision for a humane city that is educated, healthy, just, peaceful, fair and vibrant for all of its residents through a working movement-building document called "Principles for Humane City.”

Experimental Station
6100 South Blackstone Ave., Chicago, IL

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