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Two Films from Appalshop

Two Films from Appalshop

Sunday, April 17, 2011 - 12:00am to 2:00am
coal mine, worker rights,

Black Lung Kills

Photo: Appalshop / Appalshop

 The American Friends Service Committee/SERO and Paul Hays of Appalshop Film and Video ( present 2 documentaries.

Fightin For A Breath - A documentary about "Black Lung". Caused by poor safety standards and lack of safety equipment this fim examines the history of the movement to compensate for black lung and airs archival footage of the United Mine Workers of America organizing against Black Lung. Footage also includes "Black Lung" victims being treated ar a "Black Lung" Clinic. Aired on Kentucky Public Television in the 2000s.

Up The Ridge - A documentary about the Prison Industrial Complex and its affects on small towns with regards to the transfer of inner-cirt prisoners from Connecticut to Appalachian Virginia. Includes footage from inside a supermax prison including a mishandled suicide and a death by tasering. Families won over &1,7 Million dollars USA in lawsuits.Film shown on Kentucky Public Television in 2000 decade. We are showing this in Solidarity with  the Ga. Prisoners non-violent strike of Dec. 2010.

We urge you to take MARTA.  AFSC/Georgia Peace Center is Located 2 Blocks from MARTA 5 Points Station

Parking is available my meter or at the corner of Walton and Cone for $5

Contact Information: 

Paul Hays (404) 377-9836


Georgia Peace Center
AFSC 60 Walton Street, NW
30303 Atlanta , GA