Time For Faith Based Action on Immigration

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Sunday, March 27, 2011 - 6:30pm

Jennifer Piper 4-19-10

Jennifer Piper addresses press conference.

Jennifer Piper of AFSC addresses a press conference.

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Jordan Garcia


With Jennifer Piper, Program Director for Interfaith Organizing, Immigrant Rights Program, AFSC Colorado Area Office

Dialogue allows people to bring fundamentally different assumptions to the table, and helps to create an atmosphere in which a group uses the richness of each person’s view to reach a place of new understanding.

Often called the art of thinking together, dialogue uses active listening, respecting, suspension of judgment, and speaking our voice. These tools help us to think and act as part of a whole; finding that there is often a base of shared meaning.

Each session will provide an informational presentation, small group facilitated dialogue, and a time for Q&A. Please RSVP to Wayne at onawalk@comcast.net or to Diane at 303-979-0046 in order to allow for adequate space and facilitators.

Childcare will be provided for all who RSVP/light refreshments served. Literature on the process of dialogue will be provided to those interested prior to the event. Communion will be offered at the conclusion of each session for those who wish to participate.

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