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Thurs.-Emergency action on Guantanamo Hunger Strike

Thurs.-Emergency action on Guantanamo Hunger Strike

Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 8:30pm

Revolution Books received the following announcement from Chicago World Can't Wait.

The hunger strike at Guantanamo has now entered its third month and the situation is urgent. The vast majority of the 166 men still held at Guantanamo have been there for more than eleven years - without charges or a fair trial, and with no end in sight to their detention. Obama's first promise was to close Guantanamo. Instead, the detainees report to their lawyers that their situation has deteriorated, and they are now without hope. This desperation has led them to risk their lives, literally starving for freedom. We cannot allow Guantanamo to become their tomb!

When: This Thursday, April 11, 4:30 pm 

Where: Federal Plaza, Adams & Dearborn, Chicago 
What: Support Guantanamo hunger strikes, end indefinite detention, shut it down! 
Who: World Can't Wait, Witness Against Torture, Illinois Coalition Against Torture, Voices for Creative Non-Violence, 8th Day Center for Justice, and YOU!

The Obama administration must take swift measures to humanely address the immediate causes of the hunger strike and fulfill its promise to close Guantanamo. We must raise the political price for its continued inhumanity and blatant violations of international law!

The prisoners' action, described by a U.S. military spokesman as an "orchestrated event intended to garner media attention," has begun to do just that, and we intend to magnify their voices. The Boston Globe has urged President Obama to close the prison because keeping Guantanamo open is "a challenge to our reputation around the world." The New York Times said the prisoners' action is "exposing the lawlessness of the system that marooned them there," describing the indefinite detention of men long cleared for release as the "essence of what has been wrong with Guantánamo from the start."

Here in Chicago and in San Francisco, nine people will wear orange jumpsuits to represent the nine men who have already died in Guantanamo waiting for justice. At noon, protesters will gather at the White House to focus on the president's 2009 promise to close Guantanamo.

* Meet at Federal Plaza at 4:30 PM

* We will then process up State St, leaving Federal Plaza at 5 pm.

We encourage you to bring your own signs and especially posters with the twitter hashtag #GitmoFreedomStrike or #GitmoHungerStrike for passersby with cellphones to find out what this is all about.

Thank you for sharing this email with friends and joining the Facebook event.