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The Faces of Iraq: A fundraiser for the Iraqi people

The Faces of Iraq: A fundraiser for the Iraqi people

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 11:00pm

Suggested donation $10

 Iraqi Health Now has been
sending medical supplies and other
humanitarian aid to Iraq since 2006.
In a historic gesture, two American
Iraq war veterans, Geoff Millard and
Hart Viges from Iraq Veterans Against
the War will travel with IHNʼs Haider
Al Saedy to Iraq.

They will work together to distribute
our next shipment of humanitarian
aid to the Iraqi people.
Watch a short documentary of our
efforts in Iraq and help support this
next shipment.

Contact Information: 

For more information email:
or call: 269-657-5266
Visit our website at <>
IHN is a project of Healing the
Children-Michigan/Ohio a 501C3


Lottie's Pub
1925 W. Cortland St
Chicago , IL