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Tax Day Demonstration in Des Moines

Tax Day Demonstration in Des Moines

Monday, April 18, 2011 - 8:00pm


  • Join us on Tax Day
  • Bank of America paid no federal taxes in 2009! 
  • Most Corporations are not paying their fair share.  More than two thirds of them pay absolutely NO taxes!
  • Workers are being blamed and penalized for state budget deficits.  
  • Stand up to Big Money and Big Corporations and tell them we’re not to blame--they are!
  • Join us!  Step up on the soapbox and tell them what you think! 

Bank of America received a $1.9 billion tax refund from the IRS last year although it made $4.4 billion in profits, and received a bailout from the federal reserve and treasury department of nearly $1 trillion.

What are these corporations doing with their money?  Because of the Supreme Court’s decision last year in the Citizens United case, corporations can now pour unlimited amounts of cash into political campaigns.   Bank of America was one of the GOP’s Big 10 Corporate Players in 2010.  Their campaign contributions totaled $2,789,712!

Now the governors and legislators, who were swept into office on those corporate dollars, are trying to strip workers of their long-held rights and destroy the public services that union members provide. 

Every day we watch politicians claim that our states are broke, only to give out hundreds of millions of dollars in new tax breaks to big corporations. In some states they cut the wages and benefits of teachers, nurses, corrections officers, first responders—and they are making threats to do the same here in Iowa.  Then they try to strip away workers’ collective bargaining rights.  

In Iowa, Rockwell Collins, Deere, & DuPont received over $30 million in corporate subsidy checks from the Iowa Treasury.  Not only that, they are among 133 corporations that paid no state income tax but still received checks from the state.

Make no mistake: They try to weaken unions so there is one less check on corporate power. It is wrong to attack workers for political gain. It’s wrong to escape paying taxes. 

(Organized by Women’s Intnl League for Peace & Freedom, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement)


Bank of America
6th and Locust
Des Moines , IA