Rally to stop Racial Profiling

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011 - 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Racial Profiling RI

Police stop youth of color while letting white you speed by

Racial profiling is an all too common occurance in RI.  PrYSM youth act out the scenario.

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Hillary Davis

Rally at the RI State House Tuesday June 28 at 3:30 pm to support the bill, H – 5263A to curb racial profiling by the police in RI.  Follow that by visiting legislators.  Keep the focus sharp please - See the SENE resource list at the bottom of the SENE website for a fact sheet.  Points to reinforce:

  1. The bill simply puts into law what most police have said are best practices.
  2. It does not limit police from searching or conducting inquiries as long as they have reasonable suspicion or probably cause.
  3. The data monitoring is not new.  In fact every police department in the state has already signed an agreement with the federal government to do this and has grant funds for that work. 
  4. The community has tried for five years (or longer) to reach a negotiated agreement with the police.  Those agreements keep falling apart.  It is time for the legislature to step in and insist that there be increased efforts to curb these practices.
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