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Rally To Demand End To U.S. Intervention In Iraq!

Rally To Demand End To U.S. Intervention In Iraq!

Friday, June 27, 2014 - 8:00pm

Eleven years after the U.S., Great Britain and other countries launched their onslaught against Iraq as the centerpiece of the terror war, they are once again returning to the scene of their strategic humbling, as its gruesome consequences are played out across an already devastated country.

President Obama's recent announcement that the U.S. will now send up to 300 military advisers to Iraq and that "targeted" air strikes are very much on the table is obviously a major escalation of U.S. involvement in Iraq.

A coalition of Cleveland peace and justice organizations is calling for a diplomatic solution to promote justice and peace in Iraq, and issuing a strong rejection of the Obama administration's involvement in that beleaguered country..

Labor Fightback Network secretary Jerry Gordon said, "As the Obama administration sends some 300 troops back on a slippery slope towards escalation of the war in Iraq, what is urgently needed is more funding for jobs, infrastructure, education and social programs here at home. In spite of the complex political situation in Iraq, there is  overwhelming opposition among the American people for any new involvement in that country. Even some Republicans who wholeheartedly supported George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 are now calling it a mistake which should not be repeated."

Greg Coleridge, director of the American Friends Service Committee, NE Ohio, declared that, "Peace and justice groups in Cleveland and across the nation said at the start of the 1990 Gulf war against Iraq, then again at the start of the second Gulf war against Iraq in 2003, that a military solution to political, economic and social problems in Iraq and the region would fail. These groups convey the same exact message now."

Rally sponsored by Cleveland Peace Action, Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee, Labor Fightback Network, Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network, and others.

Contact Information: 

Don Bryant -- 216-772-6788
Jerry Gordon -- 216-382-4597
Greg Coleridge -- 330-928-2301


Anthony Celebrezze Federal Building
East 9th and Lakeside
Cleveland , OH