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Rally Against Re-opening of the White St Landfill

Rally Against Re-opening of the White St Landfill

Tuesday, September 20, 2011 - 9:00pm to 9:30pm

A message from Wasif Qureshi, Community Outreach Coordinator at the Islamic Center of Greensboro:

This is a call to people of all races, cultures and religions.  We  need you.  At precisely 5 pm on September 20th,  a rally will start in front of the Melvin Municipal Office Building in downtown Greensboro.  The number of people in support of keeping the White Street Landfill closed is massive and will be showcased at this rally. 

The rally is organized by CEEJ, Citizens for Economic & Environmental Justice (for more information go to and at this point has become a true interfaith effort.  Official student marches are in the works at A&T and UNCG and the list of willing participants keeps on growing.  The Greensboro Police Department, press etc. have been notified and through the cooperation of its many participants a peaceful and energetic rally will ensue.  As people of conscience, we have been concerned with the Greensboro City Council's direction on reopening the landfill, a decision that negatively affects the health and well being of our city.  

We were encouraged by a recent court injunction to stop the reopening, but potential loopholes remain in the case, and we must speak out now to ensure the Council understands that we stand firmly opposed to any attempts to reopen the landfill.  As Martin Luther King Jr. eloquently wrote, “Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly”.  At interfaith gatherings, we talk about unity, aching to find opportunities that bring people together.  Here is one, let us act on it.  Let us bring our hands together, let us combine our will, let us free ourselves from the opinions of a few and let us live in a city inspired by the many.  Let us unite and liberate.  Come join us!

Contact Information: 

Brianna Higgins




Melvin Municipal Building
300 W. Washington St
27401 Greensboro , NC