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Protest: No War on Syria! No War for the 1%

Protest: No War on Syria! No War for the 1%

Thursday, September 12, 2013 - 9:00pm

Join the Anti-War Committee – Chicago, and the Syrian American Forum, to respond to President Obama’s call for war on Syria, and to condemn war profiteers like Boeing.

Whatever President Obama says on Tuesday, we know what our response will be: No War on Syria. 

War for the 1%

Who will benefit from this war? Weapons manufacturers like Raytheon, which makes the Tomahawk missiles. The value of their stock has soared in recent weeks, because the war could include 200 to 400 of these cruise missiles.

Chicago has its own war profiteer: Boeing Company. The White House is planning to use Boeing's long range bombers to attack Syria. Those bombers will be loaded with "smart bombs," made by Boeing as well.

Don’t Be Fooled Again

John Kerry said last week that Saudi Arabia will pick up the tab for the U.S. war. His message to the U.S. taxpayers was that they won't have to pay for this war.

We know a politician is lying when his lips move. 

U.S. military expenses are currently at $653 billion yearly. More than that, war takes life. The U.S. war in Iraq cost over 1,000,000 Iraqi dead, plus the 4,500 U.S. troops who died.

The people of this country have paid enough for war already. We need money for jobs, healthcare and education, not war.

Say no to U.S. war for the 1%

Sponsored by the Anti-War Committee-Chicago


Michigan and Randolph
Chicago , IL