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Occupy Des Moines Robin Hood Tax Day Action

Occupy Des Moines Robin Hood Tax Day Action

Saturday, October 29, 2011 - 1:30pm

[From Occupy Des Moines]

We will march to Terrace Hill in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and the International "Robin Hood Tax" Day of Action! On Saturday, October 29, everyday people around the world will rise up and demand Robin Hood taxes on big banks and Wall Street corporations.

1 1/2 min. youtube: "Robin Hood Tax" Global Day of Action

We don't have a spending crisis, we have a revenue crisis. The money to create jobs, protect the environment, rebuild our infrastructure, and repair the social safety net is not in the back pockets of children, teachers, farmers, workers, or senior citizens. The money is on Wall Street.

Join us as we send a clear message: We Won't Pay For Your Crisis! Make Wall Street Pay!

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Des Moines Catholic Worker contacts for Occupy Des Moines:

Megan Felt - 515.991.1663 <> Renee Espeland - 515.664.1326 <> David Goodner - 515.991.6357 <>


Western Gateway Park
13th and Grand
Des Moines , IA