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Occupy Des Moines to march to statehouse

Occupy Des Moines to march to statehouse

Sunday, January 29, 2012 - 7:00pm
Occupy Des Moines in front of the State Capitol

Iowans gather in front of the state capitol to Occupy Des Moines in October 2011. For a slideshow of images, please click here.

Photo: AFSC

[From Occupy Des Moines]

Marchers will meet at Stewart Park (E 14th and Grand) and march to Occupy's new headquarters at 500 E Locust, 3rd floor with a stop at People's park on the west side of the Capitol. All individuals that believe they are part of the 99% are invited. This march is multi-purpose. One, to show our solidarity to the occupiers who are leaving Stewart Park Sunday and to share our vision that puts the common good of the people before Corporate Greed. If you are the 99%, please join us on Sunday. We will have an open house at our in-door headquarters following the march. We are the 99%. Money speaks, People Walk. Be there. Union members, CCI members and other groups and individuals are encouraged to join us.

Occupy DM web page:

Des Moines Catholic Worker contacts for Occupy Des Moines:

Megan Felt - 515.991.1663 <> Renee Espeland - 515.664.1326 <> David Goodner - 515.991.6357 <>


State Capitol
E. 9th and Grand
Des Moines , IA