Congressional Briefing: How US Policy Impacts Us

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - 9:00am - 10:30am

Chicago Hearing

<p>Mock Congressional Hearing held in Chicago, April 2010.</p>

Mock Congressional Hearing held in Chicago, April 2010.

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Israeli and Palestinian witnesses will tell seldom heard stories that raise critical questions about the effects of U.S. policies on three key issues: property rights, freedom of movement, and U.S. military aid in the region.  Voices of those who are directly affected by the conflict will be highlighted.

Witnesses include:

  • Palestinian Christian Daoud Nassar, a farmer in southwest Bethlehem, will address challenges posed by Israeli settlements near his property.
  • Palestinian blogger and journalist from Gaza, Laila el Haddad will address freedom of movement for Palestinians in Gaza.
  • Former Israeli soldier and current peace advocate Elik Elhanan, a founding member of Combatants for Peace, will address military aid and militarism within Israel.

The Congressional Briefing will be moderated by Helena Cobban, foreign policy analyst and publisher of Just World Books.

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