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Ancient Wisdom and Peacemaking with Geral Blanchard

Ancient Wisdom and Peacemaking with Geral Blanchard

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 - 10:30pm
Geral Blanchard, left, visits with friends in Africa.

Geral Blanchard, left, visits with friends in Africa as they teach him about peacemaking and healing.

Photo: AFSC

Through words and photos, Geral Blanchard will examine interpersonal violence in indigenous societies, noting how resolution often entails making conflict resolution processes into sacred ceremonies. He will draw examples from the Hollow Water Ojibwa First Nation of Canada, the Q'ero of Peru, and various African tribes. Moving from the micro to the macro, Geral will stimulate discussion on how sacred indigenous traditions can be brought to the world stage to address international conflicts.

Geral Blanchard, LPC, has worked as a psychotherapist in the field of interpersonal violence for 40 years. He has authored several books on sexual abuse and has just released a new book entitled, Ancient Ways: Indigenous Healing Innovations for the 21st Century (NEARI Press). Geral draws upon the wisdom of indigenous cultures from North America, Peru, and Africa to discover new/old ways of conflict resolution and peace-making.

Geral is also a regular contributor to Sacred Fire and Sacred Hoop magazines, both of which feature articles on indigenous healing wisdom.  He has a counseling office at the Friends House in Des Moines and can be reached at or 515-279-6900.

Geral will be available after the presentation to sign copies of his new book, Ancient Ways. To hear a radio interview with Geral and Jon Krieg of the AFSC Central Regional Office, please click here.

Sponsored by the Iowa Program of the American Friends Service Committee and cosponsored by Catholic Peace Ministry and the Iowa Chapter of the Methodist Federation for Social Action. For more info, contact Kathleen McQuillen at or 515-274-4851, ext. 22.



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