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Afghan War Vigil

Afghan War Vigil

Thursday, June 23, 2011 - 9:30pm to 10:30pm
Photo: AFSC

Afghan War Vigil to

  • ~   Protest Obama's Continuation of the War; or
  •  *  Celebrate Significant U.S. Troop Withdrawals

President Obama is scheduled to announce his plans for the Afghanistan war in a speech Wednesday night. According to press reports he is still evaluating three options, but favors a withdrawal of only 30,000 over 12 months. That option would still leave 70,000 US troops, tens of thousands of NATO troops, and tens of thousands of foreign military contractors, in Afghanistan.   It is a plan for continued war.

Leaders from General Petraeus to Senator John Kerry recognize that a political solution, not the military, is the answer to stability in Afghanistan.

It is time to quickly and responsiblywithdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan!

  • After ten years of war it is clear that U.S. military presence is not improving the lives of Afghans and is impeding reconciliation;
  • U.S. military operations have killed and maimed thousands of Afghans increasing anti-U.S. hostilities;
  • The cost in U.S. and coalition troop deaths is unacceptable (1,614 U.S. troops have lost their lives);
  • The war is a wasteful financial drain ($122 billion allocated for 2011) on our nation at a time when resources are needed to meet community needs, create new jobs and rebuild our economy;
  • U.S. public wants a substantial withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan! (A June 2-5 ABC News/Washington Post poll --73% believed the U.S. should withdraw a substantial number of U.S. forces)

Speak Out: It’s time to end this self-defeating disastrous war!

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Contact Information: 

American Friends Service Committee, 816 931-5256;,


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