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Tax Day Letter to Sen Blunt

Tax Day Letter to Sen Blunt

Tax Day KC - Sen Blunt

Sen. Blunt's aide, Tom Salisbury, receives Tax Day statement from AFSC Program Committee Member, Ron Faust

Copyright: AFSC

Tax Day Statement delivered to Sen. Roy Blunt.

The statement reminds Sen. Blunt that, "There is not a need for “austerity.” The causes of our economic problems are:

  • Tax Cuts, Tax Cheating Corporations and Ultra-Rich Tax Dodgers;
  • Financial Speculation and Policies Favoring only the 1%; and
  • Excessive Military Spending instead of investments in our future!

The statement called upon the Senator "to make all corporations pay their fair share. Further we ask you to close corporate tax loopholes, raise revenues through fair taxation on corporations and the wealthiest 1%, make deep cuts to the Pentagon budget and invest in job creation and community needs!"

Created Date: 
Apr 25, 2012