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Move the Money Resolution

Move the Money Resolution

Move the Money Fund Our Communities and Our Future

WHEREAS, the people of Missouri and Kansas have been hard hit by the economic crisis, suffering 8.9% and 6.6% unemployment respectively, and a record number of disastrous housing foreclosures;

WHEREAS, the combined deficits of the country’s state governments is an estimated $140 billion, roughly the annual cost of the Afghanistan war and continued U.S. military presence in Iraq;

WHEREAS, the massive budget cuts by state and federal governments, are resulting in the disastrous loss of essential services, including police, firefighters, teachers, and social service agencies;

WHEREAS, the massive budget cuts by state and federal governments reduce the nation’s ability to fund the development of alternatives to oil, other fossil fuels and nuclear power;

WHEREAS, cuts in federal and state assistance are making increasingly difficult for all of Missouri and Kansas’ deserving people to obtain assistance they deserve in order to avoid poverty and homelessness or recover from job losses and health crisis;

WHEREAS, the massive budget cuts by state and federal governments result in insufficient funding to ensure access to higher education and investments in infrastructure, job creation and new technologies, essential to individual, community and national security and prosperity;

WHEREAS, the military budget, now $740 billion per year (60% of the federal government’s annual discretionary spending and 40% of the entire world’s military spending); more than 700 US military bases overseas; plans to spend $185 billion to expand and modernize the U.S. nuclear weapons complex; weapons systems the Pentagon doesn’t want; and scores of other Pentagon programs are far in excess of what is needed actually to defend our country;


WHEREAS, a growing number of members of Congress, Republicans and Democrats, have urged and specified reductions in the U.S. military budget of 25% and more;

WHEREAS, the Bi-partisan Budget Reduction Commission recommended that one-third of the nation’s estimated 1,000 foreign military bases and installations should be closed;

WHEREAS, the Central Asian war can only be resolved through political and diplomatic means, and the people of Missouri and Kansas are paying more than $1.9 and $.96 billion this year respectively to fund the ongoing war with its consequent loss of lives,

And, WHEREAS, moving the money, reducing the military budget to fund our communities, will greatly increase the security of the people of Kansas and Missouri and the nation;

NOW, therefore be it resolved that we urge that to provide security for our citizens the U.S. military budget be significantly reduced, with the savings to be redirected to fund essential community and state social services.

Draft prepared by American Friends Service Committee-KC Move the Money Campaign, 4405 Gillham Rd., KCMO 64110

Created Date: 
Aug 9, 2011