Discussion questions to download, print, and handout at your Hawo's Dinner Party event.

While you enjoy a taste of Middle Eastern food, discuss your reactions to the film with your table mates. Please remember to be respectful and open—if you’re usually shy, push yourself to share. Everyone’s thoughts are valuable.

  1. What scene jumped out at you from the film? Why? What were your first reactions to that scene?
  2. There are a number of moments in the film that touch on problems that occur or are exacerbated by differences in culture and language. Can you recall a time when you've been in a situation where you or your intentions were misunderstood? What did that feel like? How did it affect your future actions/emotions in that context?
  3. What aspects of Shelbyville do you see echoed in our own community's past/present? In ways do you think Greensboro is different from a place like Shelbyville?
Created Date: 
Jun 7, 2012