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Immigrant detention and family separation

Immigrant detention and family separation

Testimonies from children and families - AFSC-Newark
Photo: AFSC

“In the year 2002 our mother was deported from the United States of America. Ever since that day our lives have been a rocky rollercoaster. As children who were not even developed enough to understand the situation at hand, we sat back and watched the only woman we knew and trusted be taken away from us."

These are the words of the Cisse sisters. Theirs is one of nine testimonies gathered by AFSC's Newark office as an educational tool aimed at policymakers and the public about the hardships of those families living under the threat of detention and deportation.

Many people speak passionately and publicly about U.S. immigration policies, including those who advocate for reform and those who oppose it. There are some voices, though, that you are less likely to have heard, though they are among the most profoundly affected by these policies—those of children. Some of their stories are told in our booklet, "Immigrant Detention and Family Separation."