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AFSC Annual Report 2005

AFSC Annual Report 2005

Dear Friend,

This year I felt the presence of grace grow stronger in my life, in my country, across my world. In a time of sorrow for too many, I still felt hope.

This may seem surprising, given that the war in Iraq entered its third tragic year. That’s a milestone that sobers us all. A tsunami of staggering power devastated life in communities bordering the Indian Ocean. Hurricane Katrina brought physical and emotional devastation to our brothers and sisters in the Gulf states.

But I believe that as a people, we have found new strength, new determination—new grace—that compels us to reach out to those in need to say, “In the face of such sorrow, I must do what I can.” Here is the American Friends Service Committee’s Annual Report for 2005. Inside these pages, you’ll see realistic answers and approaches to global problems. You’ll see commitment and dedication. You’ll see the labors of individuals working together to create peaceful order out of chaos, to bring justice to those who are abused, to cherish our world and each other and establish a better future for all. You’ll see that you are not alone in your compassion.

You’ll see the presence of grace.

I’m proud of the work we’re doing—and of the generous people who provide our crucial financial support. Thank you for being part of that work. We have much still to do.

For peace,
Mary Ellen McNish

Created Date: 
Apr 3, 2010