Women's Peace and Recovery Program in Burundi

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AFSC in Burundi Brochure

AFSC’s efforts in Burundi focus on supporting Burundians as peacemakers.

Women's Peace and Recovery Program

The Women’s Peace and Recovery Project seeks to contribute to the recovery of peace and health in Burundi by reinforcing women’s process of personal and community trauma healing, enhancing their economic independence, and improving their access to physical and mental healthcare. Overall the skills and techniques learned from the AFSC project, which is funded in part through a grant from Australian Aid, aim to facilitate the management of debilitating mental pain, improve family relationships, women’s day-to-day functioning, and increase work capacity.

Dorine's story - Women's Peace and Recovery Program in Burundi

I am the first born in my family and my parents died from HIV. They had been sick for a very long time. My mother, when she was very ill, she often called me and reminded me that there would be no one else to take care of my siblings other than myself. Since then, I started living with grief even at the time my parents were still alive. Now what frustrates me is that, I take care of my little sisters and brothers who are now grown up and have started mistreating me.

Cecile's Story - Women's Peace and Recovery Project in Burundi

When I came to the workshop, I was feeling so bad, my heart was about to explode. I first had problems with my children, which caused me so much pain. In addition, three weeks ago something horrible happened: my husband died. Since that day, I was always sad; I never laughed anymore or expressed any joy. I used to come back home from work and go straight to my room where I stayed alone in silence.

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