Water Contamination

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Blue Gold - World Water Wars

Sunday, October 17, 2010 - 4:00pm

A film presentation. The war over your water is about to begin.

This is the fourth film in the “Examining Modern Life” series, sponsored by the AFSC, concerning water privatization vs. the public good, desertification, waste and contamination, plus what we can do about it.

Filmmaker Sam Bozzo has given us a real eye-opener, calling attention to a looming crisis we seldom think about. We’re bombarded by information on climate change and energy consumption, but our U.S. news media says little concerning the world's emerging water crisis.

World Social Forum 2007

Dispatch from the Forum
January 23, 2007

The experience of peace, justice and ecology in America, a multi-ethnic continent
by Ana Bertha Mlambo, AFSC International Programs, Mozambique

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