Immigrants, allies seek end of ‘Operation Streamline’

In Tucson on Feb. 19, AFSC joined a coalition protesting at the federal courthouse seeking an end to the federal program "Operation Streamline." Under the Bush-era policy, in certain sectors of the border, every immigrant who crosses the illegally is charged in the criminal courts instead of the civil immigration system. Under Streamline, courts hear dozens of cases at one time, which has raised concerns that the program robs immigrants of their rights, including the right to due process.

The Long Shadow of Gun Violence

So often our nation’s youth reach for their dreams, only to have those dreams ended by gunviolence. The death of Christina Green, a nine-year old girl, casts a long shadow over our nation and underscores a culture of violence. 

We stand with everyone holding in the Light the victims who lost their lives, those who remain wounded, and their families who will suffer so greatly as a result of the shooting in Tucson. 

The Long Shadow of Gun Violence

gun violence mural

gun violence mural in NYC

Image is a portion of 100’ community mural – Crown Heights, NYC, 200

AFSC's New York based Youth and Community Violence Prevention Project Coordinator responds to the recent shootings in Arizona.

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