Trauma Healing

From harm to healing

For perpetrators and victims, trauma only ends when devastated lives can find enough healing to offer a shared promise of peace to future generations, says General Secretary Shan Cretin in her opening letter:

"I hope you will be as heartened as I am to 'see what love can do' when a narrative built on punishment and retribution is replaced with one built on transformation and wholeness."

Transforming our woundedness for peace: Voices from the frontline

Publication by the ACTION Asia network on how to transform woundedness into a tool for peace.  Include a keynote address by former staff member,  Dekha Ibrahim Abdi on "Transforming our Woundedness for Peace."

Cultivating beans and trust

Empowering women through a holistic approach to healing is part of a series of workshops by AFSC-Burundi partner, Friends Women's Association. 
Read Anita's story.

Anita Burundi FWA

Woman smiling

Anita participated in a series of workshops by AFSC-Burundi partner, Friends Women's Association. The trainings looked at a holistic approach to rebuilding lives after conflict: trauma healing, conflict mediation, support groups and income generation.

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