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Somali youth complete first year of peace, security projects

Somali youth in Galkacyo meet in small group

two young people look up from a group meeting

At a Public Achievement Club meeting, young participants take part in a small-group discussion.

Young Somalis took part in a yearlong leadership program, learning to work with people of different viewpoints, values, and perspectives, and how to interact with public officials and others to get things done.

In Somalia, U.S. counterterrorism laws are counterproductive

Electrical training

Young men ages 14 to 26 took part in an electrical installation training in Israac Village.

Young men and women coming of age now in Somalia have never known a time without civil war. Take a look at how some are ending the cycle of violence—and what the U.S. can do to support, instead of hinder, their efforts.

U.S. needs to back African efforts

A Letter from the Director

Dereje Wordofa, AFSC Regional Director for Africa

Dereje Wordofa, AFSC Regional Director for Africa

By Dereje Wordofa, regional director of Africa for the American Friends Service Committee

QUNO's 2011 work to Prevent Violent Conflict

The prevention of violent conflict is one of the principal charter objectives of the UN, yet the prevention discussion remains fragmented and lacking in focus. QUNO continues to raise awareness about local peacemaking initiatives in Myanmar and encourages a balanced approach to the region. The work with China and with other ‘rising power’ Member States continues to make significant progress. QUNO has been an active participant in policy discussions about the future direction of work on the prevention of violent conflict at the UN.

New Directions: Exploring Alternatives for a Peaceful Solution in Somalia

A delegation from the Life & Peace Institute, Nairobi, and the Kroc Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame traveled to Washington, DC, and New York in March to present a recent joint publication, Somalia: Creating Space for Fresh Approaches to Peacebuilding. QUNO was delighted to host their visit in New York. Over the course of two days, Quaker House provided a welcoming venue for our visitors to share their publication with UN colleagues and offer fresh perspectives and alternative approaches to conflict resolution in Somalia.

The peacemaking role of traditional leaders

Traditional leaders from Cameroon

Traditional leaders traveled to Nairobi to take part in an AFSC meeting on their role in dispute management. Participants included Fon Fobuzie Martin B. Asanji (left) and Fon Ngwefuni Fransua Nono (right) from northwest Cameroon and Dr. Chief Atem-Ebako Bisong from southwest Cameroon.

Maintaining peace is among the main roles played by traditional elders in many African societies, but as the nature of conflict changes, their ability to lead effectively is threatened. These challenges were discussed in a meeting of traditional leaders from seven countries, who came to Nairobi to examine how their role in conflict management is changing.

Maimuna Farah Samatar, AFSC peace-building partner in Somalia

When a job offer brought Maimuna Farah Samatar back to her birthplace, the Galkacyo Mudug Region in Somalia’s Puntland State, she saw an additional opportunity to serve those who were most affected by the local conflicts—the women and children.

Celebrating the Life and Dreams of Immigrants & Refugees

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 9:00am - Sunday, August 26, 2012 - 7:00pm

photos by Naima Abdullahi

photo by Naima Abdullahi

July 26-August 26 – “Here & Now” An Art Exhibit by Refugee and Immigrant Artists living in Atlanta. Featuring work by Naima Abdullahi, Omar Alsaraj, Tekie Gebremichael , and Jit Rai

Somalia's future

Long term future of Somalia in debate, but violence, disease and hunger still a daily reality for local communities.

15 relief agencies warn humanitarian needs in Somalia must not be ignored as over 2 million still in dire need of assistance

28th of May, 2012

Mohamed's Story - Promoting Peace in Somalia


Youth in Galkayo are the most affected in the situation of war, anarchy and poverty which made us vulnerable to manipulation to engage in armed conflict with cash inducements and promises of a better future...

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