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Mohamed's Story - Promoting Peace in Somalia


Youth in Galkayo are the most affected in the situation of war, anarchy and poverty which made us vulnerable to manipulation to engage in armed conflict with cash inducements and promises of a better future...

Promoting peace in Somalia

AFSC has enabled people to come together and gain skills to strive for peace with one another. In one project, the Galkayo Community Peace Promotion, AFSC works in partnership with the Puntland Minority Women Development Organization (PMWDO). This is in the north eastern part of the greater Somalia, a placed called Puntland.

We [were] able to identify some of the creative ways through which youth can be mobilized and catalyzed to renew their commitment towards the promotion of peace

AFSC Response to East African Crisis

The people in the Horn of Africa are facing the worst humanitarian situation in the world today.  Somalis are fleeing the effects of conflict and famine and arriving – more than 1,200 people per day – in Kenya.  AFSC is working to meet the needs of those refugees arriving in the Dadaab camps in Kenya.

In the last few weeks, AFSC has worked with our partner Handicap International to purchase walkers and wheelchairs to assist refugees with physical difficulties. This allows them to better access food, water and other necessary items to survive.

Water Projects in Somalia

Somalia is experiencing the worst drought in decades. The Somali people are facing one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world today. One in every three children living in South-Central Somalia is malnourished according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). The drought’s impact has been exacerbated by the increase in food prices and ongoing violent conflict.  The violence makes it incredibly difficult to deliver vital supplies of food, water and emergency provisions inside Somalia.

Somali and Kenyan Youth Build Understanding

AFSC held an 8-day exchange between 47 Somali and Kenya youth to promote constructive dialogue.  Participants learned from each other’s experiences of youth employment, sports as a tool for development, and the promotion of human rights. The program was included partnerships with a Somaliland youth organization and a Kenyan youth program. 

After visits to both Nairobi and North Eastern Kenya the youth left with a greater awareness and understanding of the dilemmas facing youth today and a drive to promote sharing and change in their communities.

Witnessing the reality behind the reports - Visit to Africa

The AFSC-Africa program was excited to host Arlene Kelly, Clerk of the Board of AFSC for 10 days. Her visit included time with the AFSC staff and partners in five countries and community members in areas where AFSC works. 

Bridging the divide across borders: Peace Dialogue in Elwak

Scarcity of grazing land has led to conflicts among pastoralist communities living along both sides of the Kenya and Somalia border. In Elwak, Somalia livestock is the main source of livelihood for the residents and the same is true for neighboring communities living on the other side of the border in Kenya.  Unfortunately with limited space, violent conflict led to preventable deaths.

Somali Youth Share Stories for World Refugee Day

During the commemoration of the World Refuge Day on 20th June 2010, some Somali and Ethiopian youth were sponsored by AFSC to exhibit pieces of their photography, creative projects and cultural dances in Nairobi. The groups travelled long distances from Daadab refugee camp and from the Ogaden region of Ethiopia to share in Kenya's capital, a regional hub.

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