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AFSC advocates NM legislation to support local schools purchasing from local farmers

SB 237 and HB 231 have been introduced in the New Mexico state legislature this week. The Senate and House bills allocate funding for local school districts in New Mexico to purchase from local farmers so children will have local food in their school lunches. If you are a resident of New Mexico, please contact your legislators and let them know to suppport these bills!

Youth Outreach

Maricela Guzman

The Peace Education Program works with youth in Los Angeles area schools to reduce violence and create a culture of peace. Through intensive workshops and classes, the program:

Mozambique - Let the People Speak!

Road construction in Dengalenga

Since 2001, AFSC's Mozambique Integrated Rural Development Program(MIRD) has worked in partnership with three communities located in Manica Province. In Denglelenga, Dororo and Chitunga, AFSC has developed projects that include reforestation, fish ponds, community gardens and school construction. Throughout this time, the MIRD program has been committed to following three basic steps:

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