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Introducing "Demilitarize!"

Welcome to Demilitarize! a new bi-monthly publication for informing and empowering activism to demilitarize police in the United States and stop U.S. weapons sales for the war in Mexico.

Wage Peace of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) in San Francisco is undertaking a multi-year effort to support movements to demilitarize police in the United States and Mexico. We aim to strengthen the documentation, analysis, and solidarity networks among activists, impacted families and others concerned about these difficult issues.

SOAR takes flight: Youth protest across South Region

In January, AFSC staff and youth from across the South Region led protests and a national panel discussion to confront the issue of police violence and militarization in the United States.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday served as the launch date for SOAR (South Organizing Against Racism), which inspired youth-led events in over 15 cities including Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Greensboro, Miami and New Orleans.

A message from the South regional director: Spring 2015

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters,

On January 15th, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday, AFSC South Region youth programs participated in SOAR (South Organizing Against Racism), a day of action against police violence and militarization.

Over 15 cities participated by publically demonstrating and conducting workshops on this important issue. In this ongoing moment of youth activism, we fully support young people and others in pressing the case against police violence and militarization.

Kansas City AFSC Year-End Newsletter

We invite you to learn more about AFSC work in Kansas City, which is building and strengthening a movement for social change.

 We are inspired by the youth who participate in the If I Had A Trillion Dollars youth film project, the If I Could Change the World spoken word project and the summer Social Change Institute. Each year we also have college-aged peace interns who do a phenomenal job learning about peace and justice issues and ways to engage and empower high school-aged youth.

AFSC response to student protest

News Source: 
Providence Journal

Newark, New Jersey police refuse to honor ICE detainers

Civil rights and faith leaders applaud a groundbreaking policy change instituted by the Newark Police Director to decline immigration detainers issued to the department by U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE). 

Police/Community Dialogue on Immigrant Issues

Plainfield NJ, Immigrant Community-Police dialogue

Immigrant Community - Police dialogue, Plainfield, NJ

Oscar Grant Verdict Won't End Struggle for Justice

protest in california

Protestors in California

Protestors in California.

AFSC is dismayed by the involuntary manslaughter verdict in the trial of transit police officer Johannes Mehserle for the killing of Oscar Grant on New Year’s Day 2009.

Protect Yourself from Immigration Raids

This 8-page booklet provides you with a useful walk through of how to respond to immigration raids and assert your rights. It includes a “right to remain silent” card. Protect Yourself from Immigration Raids, produced by CASA of Maryland, is also known as the “Know Your Rights” booklet.

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