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AFSC's Work Bridging Cultural Divides in Indonesia

Monday, July 2, 2012 - 7:00pm

Jiway Dragon Dance

Jiway does the dragon dance

Jiway Tung participates in a traditional Indonesian dragon dance.

Jiway Tung, AFSC's Country Representative in Indonesia, will visit Dover to describe efforts to bridge the country's cultural divides.  "In Indonesia, our identity as peacebuilders shapes our relationship with governments and with partner agencies," he says.  "That identity informs where we work and what we work on. AFSC’s program in Indonesia began during inter-religious violence in the late 1990s.

AFSC in Indonesia; An Evening with Jiway Tung

Monday, June 11, 2012 - 9:30am

Celebrating Diversity in Yogyakarta

Indonesians rally for pluralism

Indonesians call for "unity in diversity."

Jiway Tung, director of AFSC's program in Indonesia, will describe efforts to strengthen peaceful inter-cultural ties at a time of when conflict among Indonesia's religious and ethnic groups poses challenges to the country's "unity in diversity" motto.  He will emphasize the "Peace Torch" project, which involves youth from varied backgrounds in different parts of Indonesia.   Free and open to the public.  Sponsored by AFSC.

Celebrating and protecting pluralism in Indonesia

“Unity in Diversity” is Indonesia’s national slogan. As a sprawling archipelago with more than 300 ethnic groups and a majority Muslim population with significant religious minorities, pluralism has been characteristic of Indonesia since its inception as a nation.

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