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Pentagon's stealth spending spree: Philadelphia Inquirer

In this opinion article, AFSC's Robin Aura Kanegis points out that in this season of federal budget debates "the Pentagon has apparently developed the ultimate cloaking mechanism - one that protects the military's budget bloat from mathematical reality. The military budget accounts for more than half of federal discretionary spending, as well as nearly half of all military spending worldwide. But despite this lopsided investment, increased military appropriations are set to glide past Congress' so-called budget hawks like a Stealth Bomber."

Opinion: This Budget Cutting Math Doesn’t Add Up

By Robin Aura Kanegis

It’s simple math: A military budget that has doubled in twelve years + worries about the resulting deficit = deep cuts to military spending. 

Haverford College Center for Peace and Global Citizenship: Windows and Mirrors

Windows and Mirrors uses visual art to remind the U.S. public about the human cost of war in Afghanistan. The exhibit features 45 murals donated by U.S. and international artists — along with drawings from Afghan high school students.

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