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AFSC at the forefront of the community mediation movement

In the 1970s a number of social justice organizations, including AFSC’s Pretrial Justice Program in Pittsburgh, Pa., found themselves frustrated with the criminal justice system—especially discrimination in who got bail and the resulting costs to people of color.

Calling for Medicaid Expansion in PA

Calling for Medicaid Expansion in PA

Right now, Pennsylvania has a historic opportunity to offer 800,000 Pennsylvanians health insurance through Medicaid Expansion. This will provide peace of mind for thousands of low-income families and individuals, AND create hundreds of jobs, save the state billions of dollars, and strengthen our economy.

VoiceofPhilly blog: Pa. House “flip” to GOP worries some immigration advocates

If the thought of an anti-immigrant, more radicalized GOP-controlled U.S. House wasn’t galling enough for immigration advocates, local immigrants’ rights groups are bracing for the equally grim prospect of a GOP controlled state government.

In Philly, others are also preparing for a looming fight. The city-based American Friends Service Committee is not only prepared for a more conservative Pennsylvania legislature, but state assemblies in 13 other states that flipped to GOP control.

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VoiceofPhilly blog

Eyes Wide Open Across Pennsylvania

Eyes Wide Open Across Pennsylvania

Boots at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Collegeville.

Boots at Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Collegeville.

Eyes Wide Open Across Pennsylvania, a part of AFSC's widely acclaimed exhibition on the Iraq War, explores the history, human cost and consequences of the war. The traveling exhibit includes an installation of pairs of boots honoring every U.S. military casualty in Pennsylvania, pairs of shoes to memorialize the Iraqis killed in the conflict, a multimedia display, and a dialogue and listening component.

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