NH Legislation

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NH State House Watch

The New Hampshire Program publishes State House Watch weekly during legislative sessions to provide timely information about matters being discussed in Concord including housing, the death penalty, immigration, and labor rights.  We also follow the state budget and tax system, voting rights, corrections policy, and more. We also have a weekly "State House Watch" radio show on WNHN-FM. 

A Year of State House Watching Wraps Up

NH State House April 2013

We can see the State House from our window!

The AFSC has wound up another year of heavy engagement in legislative matters at the New Hampshire State House.  “Looking back on six months of public hearings, amendments, conference committees, and votes,” observed Arnie Alpert, AFSC’s NH Program Director, “we can see that most of the legislation we disliked was defeated and that progress was made on some issues we care about.”  For example, lawmakers finally approved the expansion of Medicaid coverage to low-income adults who were previously shut out of the system.  The annual bid to destroy collective bargaining – known w

AFSC-NH State House Testimony 2013

NH State House April 2013

We can see the State House from our window!

Maggie Fogarty and Arnie Alpert presented testimony on numerous bills during the 2013 legislative session.  Here are some of their prepared statements.

AFSC State House Testimony 2014

Maggie Fogarty and Arnie Alpert provided AFSC testimony at legislative hearings on numerous issues in 2014.  In many cases, they spoke from prepared statements, which you can read here.

State House Watch 2013-28

AFSC-NH State House Watch newsletter, October 18, 2013

State House Watch 2013-26, July 8, 2013

The final NH State House Watch newsletter for the regular session of the NH Legislature.

Report on 2013 NH Legislative Session

NH State House April 2013

We can see the State House from our window!

A summary of the outcome of bills that AFSC supported, opposed, and watched during the 2013 session of the New Hampshire legislature.

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