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Concord homelessness task force recommends more low-income housing, case management

Maggie Fogarty at Homeless Memorial Day 2012

Maggie sings

Maggie Fogarty led the Homeless Memorial Day program in front of the State House in Concord on December 21, 2012.

After a lengthy period of research, the Concord Homelessness Task Force came out with a set of recommendations, including advocating for more low-income housing, increased case management, and better coordination between existing organizations. AFSC's Maggie Forgarty speaks to the Concord Monitor about her reflections on the report and what it will take to end homelessness in New Hamprshire. Read the full article here

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Concord Monitor

Walk in their shoes: A fundraising walk to help the Concord Homeless Resource Center

Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 5:30pm

Join us on a walk to benefit the Concord Homeless Resource Center. Simply ask your friends and neighbors to sponsor your participation in the walk, and be with us for the event itself.

State House Watch 2013

NH State House April 2013

We can see the State House from our window!

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State House Watch 2013-1

"State House Watch" newsletter, January 4, 2013

Organizing community responses to regressive legislation in New Hampshire

Pressure to balance the budget has put at risk many services and policies that protect New Hampshire’s most vulnerable residents—as well as the health of its relatively strong economy.

But Arnie Alpert and Maggie Fogarty, AFSC’s program coordinators in New Hampshire, have worked relentlessly to not only defend economic rights, but also empower the state’s residents to know when and how to take a stand.

The reality of for-profit prisons

While New Hampshire’s corrections department reviews proposals from private companies seeking to build and operate its prisons, the state’s residents are learning how prison privatization has played out elsewhere—namely, in Arizona.

State Facing Compassion Deficit

Budget fails the common-sense test

By Arnie Alpert
Published in the Concord Monitor June 20, 2011
Link: State facing compassion deficit

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