Move the Money

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Complete Move the Money Toolkit

Download the full toolkit for a comprehensive set of tools to help your community work for better federal budget priorities. The toolkit includes fact sheets, suggestions about how to work with the media, how to talk with members of Congress and ask them questions, and how to get a resolution passed in your community to encourage Congress to support programs that fund our needs at home instead of the military. You can also download just parts of the toolkit.

Move the Money action toolkit

Bring the war dollars home

A rally to bring home dollars spent on war

Protestors demand reductions in Pentagon spending.

Use this toolkit to talk to your community, the news media, and directly to Congress about keeping resources in your community.

Bring the War Dollars Home Resolution, Northhampton, MA

Northampton MA Resolution 2/13/11

A Resolution of the Northampton Democratic City Committee


Calling Upon Our Elected Representatives in Congress to End the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Bring Our Troops and Tax Dollars Home.

Move the Money sample litanies


From July 11-August 3, daily Faithful Budget vigils were held outside the United Methodist Building on Capitol Hill.


Move the Money Resolution

Move the Money Fund Our Communities and Our Future

WHEREAS, the people of Missouri and Kansas have been hard hit by the economic crisis, suffering 8.9% and 6.6% unemployment respectively, and a record number of disastrous housing foreclosures;

WHEREAS, the combined deficits of the country’s state governments is an estimated $140 billion, roughly the annual cost of the Afghanistan war and continued U.S. military presence in Iraq;

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