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Kansas City AFSC Peace & Justice Alert E-newsletter, March 28, 2014

Kansas City AFSC Weekly Peace & Justice Alert E-newsletter, March 28, 2014 with news, calendar events and advocacy opportunities

Budget Cutting and Our Community Listening Project

The Federal Budget and Our Community Listening project is listening to Kansas City Area Leaders to hear their thoughts about: unmet needs in our community; the impact of budget cutting on the federal and local level; and what they think should be our budget priorities and policies to create a healthy community. Find out how you can get involved and help change the storyline around budget cutting and replace it with a loud and clear demand by our community for priorites that meet our needs.

KC AFSC Peace & Justice Alert E-newsletter - February 22, 2014

Weekly Kansas City AFSC Peace & Justice Alert E-newsletter -February 22, 2014 providing information about AFSC peace and justice activities in the Kansas City area, a calendar of social change events, articles and advocacy opportunities.

KC AFSC Peace & Justice Alert - February 1, 2014

Kansas City American Friends Service Committee weekly enewsletter, Peace and Justice Alert, February 1, 2014

MO & KS Eyes Wide Open Retirement Flyer

Combat Boots into Ploughshares: Boot Distribution & final EWO KS / MOL Exhibit Flyer taking place on November 10, 2013

KCMO Passes Move the Money Resolution!

In response to the misdirected federal budget debate and actions in Washington, D.C. and the disastrous impact it is having on our community and economy, the Kansas City AFSC has organized a Move the Money resolution campaign.

Kansas City Move the Money Campaign

The Federal Budget Crisis Is Not A Deficit Crisis.

It's A Crisis Of Priorities.

Choosing to continue enormous tax breaks for the millionaires and spending 60 percent of public discretionary dollars on the Pentagon makes no sense, as millions struggle to find work and to feed and house their families.

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