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A Family’s Dream Comes True in Zimbabwe

Widowed and the mother of three children, Mrs. Nguruwe moved to Hatcliffe Extension near the capital city in 2004. Despite the lack of running water and electricity, their new home was a step up from a holding camp where social unrest prevailed and communicable diseases were rampant. As a head of household, she was interviewed and earned a place in AFSC’s Livelihood Program.

Anita Burundi FWA

Woman smiling

Anita participated in a series of workshops by AFSC-Burundi partner, Friends Women's Association. The trainings looked at a holistic approach to rebuilding lives after conflict: trauma healing, conflict mediation, support groups and income generation.

Mozambique micro-finance group

Mozambican women and men's groups work on micro-finance projects.

A community group works together on plans for a micro finance project. July 2009.

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